book_newWelcome to Rimba Raya - An Infinite Earth Project

Across the world, deforestation is eating away our carbon-rich forests at the alarming rate of one acre per minute. Each year in Indonesia alone, destruction of forests in the interests of pulp & paper and palm oil production lay bare a landmass the size of Belgium. According to the Forest Trends Association, it’s estimated that if the current pace of deforestation continues unabated, by the year 2022 there simply won’t be any Indonesian forests left.

But on the southern coast of Borneo, in the province of Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, one massive ancient forest stands defiant: Rimba Raya, “The Infinite Forest.” Once designated for destruction and conversion into a palm oil plantation, Rimba Raya is now dedicated for the protection and preservation of hundreds of at-risk species–most notably, the endangered Bornean Orangutan whose population has declined over 95% in the last century.