Ensuring Survival For Native Species – Especially IUCN RED LIST Populations


Rimba Raya Biodiversity Focused InitiativeBiodiversity

Since inception, Rimba Raya has focused on identifying the indigenous plants and animals which call Rimba Raya “home”. We endeavour to understand and maintain the delicate balance shared by all living things inside the Reserve and to promote awareness  of their struggle (often against species extinction) when the economic and social expectations of humans are pitted against indigenous wildlife unable to communicate their rights and plights.

Rimba Raya is home to an astonishing assortment of plants and animals. An independent survey recorded more than:

  •  300 species of birds
  • 122 species of mammals
  • 180 species of trees and plants
  • 400 species of reptiles and amphibians (incomplete survey)

The Bornean Orangutan, the Proboscis Monkey, the Bornean Agile Gibbon, the Asian Sun Bear, the Sunda Pangolin and the Clouded Leopard are but a few of the flagship species from the IUCN Red List that are found in Rimba Raya.

Rimba Raya’s very existence provides a means to preserve the natural habitat of these creatures, allowing them to survive and thrive unmolested. Management of these species focuses on protecting wetland areas and undisturbed forests, reducing hunting, mitigating threats from forest fires and maintaining water quality in rivers and wetlands.

We are dedicated to showing the world that it IS possible to protect the planet and its climate, while simultaneously providing economic and social upward-mobility to local communities that cohabitate within Rimba Raya.



Purchasing Stand For Trees Certificates helps protect these forests and all those who depend on them including local communities and local wildlife.

Initiative Highlights

Number of IUCN Critically Endangered Plant Taxa Within Rimba Raya.
Number of IUCN Threatened Mammal Species Within Rimba Raya
Number of IUCN Threatened or Near-Threatened Bird Species Within (And Above) Rimba Raya
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Average rate of extinction of a species on our planet, according to some estimates.


High Resolution Images and Detailed Information Are Available

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Unlike the mass extinction events of geological history, the current extinction challenge is one for which a single species – ours – appears to be almost wholly responsible.

— WWF Global

A Refuge for IUCN Red List Endangered Species

While preserving this forest that shelters
all of these species, Rimba Raya maintains a
special commitment to the protection of
the endangered Bornean Orangutan.