Access To Clean, Renewable Light Sources


Rimba Raya Community Focused InitiativeCommunity

Prior to this initiative, family members often spent hours foraging for wood to generate light and for use as cooking fuel.  The Rimba Raya solar power initiative aims to provide a clean, renewable source of energy to 100% of the households within the Rimba Raya Reserve.

The installed equipment includes solar lanterns, 1 KW solar generator system and 30W solar generator system. The solar lanterns are distributed to homes and the village community centers receive a 300W Solar Generator System and a 1 KW Solar Generator System.

The community centers were identified as primary recipients for the large generator systems as local culture emphasizes community and social interactions and these systems would support and encourage this dynamic.



Initiative Highlights

0 Villages
Are part of this initiative (as of August 2016)
0 Households
Have been provided solar lanterns (As of August 2016)
0% Coverage
Within member villages
0 hrs
Duration of light provided per fully-charged lamp


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“Since receiving the solar lantern, having the light at night has been extremely beneficial in caring for our baby as we can easily turn on the light when our baby cries. We thank you very much!”

— Desa Tanjung Rangas