Necessary Health Services To Those With Limited Access


Rimba Raya Community Focused InitiativeCommunity

Health & Well-being is one of the most important of the Sustainable Development Goals – and one we take seriously.

Statistically, people of Indonesia have an average lifespan of 67 years. Children in rural areas and under the age of 5 suffer a myriad of health issues, most of which are the cause of stunted growth. A large percentage of these illnesses are a result of a lack of immunization and are completely avoidable.

In an effort to encourage better health practices in our community, we have introduced child nutritional programs and health services to 10 villages bordering our concession.



Initiative Highlights

0% of Villages
Access by Villages bordering Rimba-Raya, without existing health centres.
0 Visits
Per year, Floating Clinic will conduct outreach to all villages (Quarterly).
0 (None)
Average amount paid by patients receiving help from the Floating Clinic.
0 Years
Age at which easily-treatable illnesses can have a life-long impact if not treated.


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“Women and children benefit most by having necessary access to medical care, while minority groups receive health services they would not otherwise be able to afford. ”

— Floating Clinic Physician